Doterra Aromatouch Kit + Lumo Bundle with Extras for FREE

Aromatouch Kit & Lumo Bundle with 4 FREE Oils & Book
This is the kit I started with and it really offers a great intro to Doterra Essential oils with 8 oils + a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil to make up your own blends. This post focuses on using these oils for school & kids, but this is a great kit for anyone! Plus add the Lumo & get 3 oils free from Doterra and an extra oil and book from me when you join our Tribe this month (1st September - 15th October 2019) x
Balance 15ml - need I say more than, who needs some Balance in their lives? Perfect for calming, grounding and transition through tricky stages in life - like experiencing a new school, starting school for the first time, etc... Aromatouch 15ml - not just a fantastic massage oil, but perfect for tension and tied little legs after a busy day or week at school.
Wild Orange 15ml - for those little energiser bunnies that are running out of puff, diffuse or roll a bit of this citrusy loveliness for a great pick me up.
Lavender 15ml - let's get those tied kids to sleep with Lavender, beautiful to diffuse at night to wind down. Also great for creating some calm amongst the chaos and perfect for little ouchies - think little cuts and scrapes.
Tea Tree 15ml - let's keep those nits away with this handy oil. Mix up your own spray and line the kids up for a quick spritz each morning. Also great for ouchies, ears and immune support.
On Guard 15ml - perfect for daily immune support, mix up a roller with the Tea Tree and roll up the spine/bottoms of feet during the winter season and when colds are in the classroom to keep them away from your little ones.
Peppermint 15ml - struggling through hot days? Mix up a face spritzer to cool down the hotheads, also great to add a drop to your morning shower as a 'wake me up'. Perfect for little tummy's too.
Ice Blue 5ml - great for those kids that struggle with growing pains. Regular rubs with the Ice Blue will assist with painful growing pains and for those after-school sports.
Fractionated Coconut Oil - ready to get you blending like a boss, this bottle will make approx. 10-11 x 10ml rollers.