Doterra Roller Blends for Kids

Roller Blends for Kids 🌿

Here's some of our favourites - always dilute to suit your child. We tend to go with no more than 10 drops of oil in total, topped with FCO.

👉Ouchies - Frankincense, Lavender & Tea Tree
Growing Legs - Frankincense & Aromatouch
👉Hayfever - Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint
👉Immune Support - Frankincense, On Guard, Lemon, Tea Tree (and Oregano for a super strength hit when needed)
👉Calm - Lavender Peace, Balance
👉Cough - Majoram, Easy Air, Lime
👉Confidence - Juniper Berry, Lime & Wild Orange

It really is this simple to create natural health and wellness solutions for everyone in the family. When my kids get a scratch or bruise, they ask for oils. When they have a headache, they ask for oils. When they have an upset tummy, they ask for oils. 
And more often than not, they'll just reach for the rollers and apply themselves. Empowered, healthy, kids.

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