Get using your Doterra Products & Makeover your Life

If you’re not already a doterra wholesale member, then what is stopping you from making the switch? 👉too expensive?
👉worries you’ll get your oils & wont know what to do with them?
👉partner says it’s a waste of money?
👉another reason?

Here’s a snapshot of a typical day for me utilising my doterra products. As you can see - not just Oils!

I used over 20 different doterra products yesterday (I could only fit 20 in my screeenshot), all natural products that we have made the simple switch with.

That laundry detergent in the photo - paid for with points, so it was free.

Those Verage beauty products in the photo - paid for with points, so they were free.

As was, the 15ml Frankincense, the hand cream, the body wash, deodorant & a few other products that I would need to double check against my monthly Loyalty Rewards Orders from the last 6 months.

Just those products work out to over $250 wholesale of freebies this year so far.

Want to learn more about how you can get a wholesale membership for free with your starter kit & earn points to get your products for free too? Pop me a message 😊