Makeover your Medicine Cabinet

Makeover your medicine cabinet 🌿

Doterra offers its Top 10 oils as two different kits.

Either the Family Essentials Collection in smaller 5ml bottles with a bonus metabolic blend Smart & Sassy for $174.00 with free wholesale membership for 12 months.

Or the Home Essentials Kit in larger 15ml bottles with a bonus Petal Diffuser for $330 with free wholesale membership for 12 months.

Both are great starting points for your Doterra journey, but it's the Home Essentials Kit that really offers the most savings. If you were to buy these 10 oils and the Petal Diffuser individually at wholesale rates, not retail, you would pay over $460! So that's a massive $130 saving right there when you enrol as a Wholesale Customer with this Kit.

These 10 oils can get your started with natural health, wellness and cleaning solutions for your home and through the Loyalty Rewards Program you can buy an oil or other product each month, build your rewards and get more for free. But that is completely optional! You may start with a Kit and then decide you don't need anything for 6 months, or again, and that's ok too.

Pop me a message if you are ready to start your Doterra journey today and makeover your medicine cabinet, your home and more.