Quality with Doterra Essential Oils

Recently the APRC tested oils from 50 different essential oil companies from around the World. 95% of those companies tested were found to be selling 'Adulterated' Oils. 95%. APRC tested Doterra essential oils as part of that 50. And out of those 50 different companies tested, only 3 companies were found to have 'Unadulterated' Oils. Just 3. Unadulterated means that the oils were PURE essential oils.
1 company is Doterra and the other 2 companies are small boutique essential oil businesses.
It is SO important to know exactly what you are putting on your skin, or diffusing into your environment, or even ingesting! Essential oils from the supermarket, chemist or even health food shops that say they are pure, are probably not even close to being pure, but instead fragrance made from synthetic or chemical fillers just to create a smell close to what they are calling it.
So please do your research and make an informed decision. Every single bottle of Doterra's essential oils have a number on the bottom of them. And you can head to to check that number to see the report on that exact bottle of oil just so you know that you are getting PURE essential oils.