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YES! You can still access our amazing deals including FREE bonus products when enrolling from another country!
Simply email us at; with the FREE product you have found on our website you would like to add to your enrolment order and we will post it to you with your Welcome Pack once you have enrolled with us via our Doterra link (see instructions below) - wherever you are in the world! We will support you via online learning through Facebook education groups, weekly zoom calls and more!
Doterra is a global community and therefore you can enrol from just about anywhere in the world!
Here is some information on Enrolment Kits for larger countries/areas;
United States - 
Canada - 
United Kingdom - 
Other International Regions - find and click on your country for more information on enrolment kits to start with
We can support you online via our Facebook Chat groups and zoom calls. All new members receive our Welcome Pack full of resources, information, recipes, mini booklets, empty roller bottles, and free oils to help you get started using your oils and getting the most out of them.
Looking for a Doterra business opportunity? We would love to hear from you! We can help you build your own Doterra tribe from almost anywhere in the world and will keep you up to date with business building tips and videos via our Private Facebook Business Builders Group and send you our Business Builders bundle of resources to share with your new team members.
Ready to join our International Tribe?
Follow these easy steps to enrol with us via our Doterra link;


1. Visit our Doterra link HERE

2. Choose your preferred Language & Country

3. Select where you would like your products shipped from

4. Select Wholesale Customer (customer only, no interest in building a business) OR Wellness Advocate (to create your own Doterra business, either now or down the track)

5. Enter your Details
(Important: please make sure under Sponsor & Enroller ID it has my details; 6032936 Anna Bresnehan so that you can access our Team support groups, ongoing support and education from us and our fabulous Welcome Pack and Team Perks :)

6. When you click through to the next page you'll be able to choose what you would like to order. All the kit options are shown across the top of the screen. If you want to start with a kit - select your chosen kit. Starting with a kit waives the $35 membership fee. 

If you want to start with just a few oils, you will need to add the 'Introductory Packet' $35 for your wholesale pricing on your membership, then you can add your chosen oils or other products to your cart in the cart search area. Start typing the name of the oil/product in the screen box at the left of the cart under the kit options and then select to add to your cart.

If you are wanting to DIY your own roller blends I would recommend adding a bottle of the FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil).

If you need a diffuser and one isn't included in your kit, type in 'diffuser' in the search function of the cart and available diffuser names will come up.

7. Enter your payment details to process your order.

OPTIONAL*** Set up your LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) ordering. After you process your payment the website will ask you if you would like to set up your Loyalty Rewards Ordering. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you set this up straight away if you would like to access Doterra promotions including the POM (Product of the Month) or if you would like to build your own Doterra business.

In order to earn commissions with Doterra, you must have a minimum 100pv+ Loyalty Rewards Order set up at ALL times. By setting up your LRP order you will be able to qualify for commissions straight away. Add a few products to your cart ensuring you save your cart with a minimum 100PV (points value). Select a shipping date (I recommend between the 2nd - 15th of the month so you can take advantage of the free Product of the Month when you order 125PV or more). Your credit card will only be processed on the date you have chosen. So you can go into your back office and change things around in your LRP order that is saved at any time before it processes.

Once you have processed your first order, I will be in touch to send you your welcome pack, welcome you to our private chat groups and be your ongoing support person through your Doterra journey.

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