Where to Start

Where to Start
There are a range of ways to get started with Doterra that may all come down to how far your budget is going to stretch. Whether you start with a Kit or start with just a few oils - the choice is yours.
Starting with the Top 10 Oils is where most people start - and you can do that two different ways with either of the below two Kits.
Both offer the same Top 10 oils,
however vary slightly in price which is explained below.
Family Essentials Kit
Top 10 Essential Oils;
5ml Lavender
5ml Lemon
5ml Peppermint
5ml Easy Air
5ml On Guard
5ml DigestZen
5ml Ice Blue
5ml Oregano
5ml Frankincense
5ml Tea Tree
Bonus 15ml Smart & Sassy Metabolic Blend
AU$174 or NZD$195
(Message us to enrol with us from anywhere around the World)
Home Essentials Kit
Top 10 Essential Oils;
15ml Lavender
15ml Lemon
15ml Peppermint
15ml Easy Air
15ml On Guard
15ml DigestZen
5ml Ice Blue
15ml Oregano
15ml Frankincense
15ml Tea Tree
Bonus Petal Diffuser
AU$330 or NZD$365
(Message us to enrol with us from anywhere around the World)
The differences between these Kit?
When starting with the Home Essentials Kit you are getting 3 times the amount of oil in the bottles (5ml compared to 15ml) plus you get a BONUS Petal Diffuser so you can get diffusing your oils and receiving the amazing benefits of aromatherapy straight away. The total retail value of this Kit is $440, but when you enrol with our tribe with a Wholesale Membership (FREE with this Enrolment Kit), you pay just $330.00. Plus you get FREE SHIPPING when you use the coupon code FREESHIP at checkout.
Get started with our tribe today to get access to the amazing benefits of Doterra Essential Oils delivered to your door.
How can these Top 10 oils benefit you and your family's health and wellness?

 Start here with Doterra's Top 10 Essential Oils

Here are some ideas of how you can get started with Doterra's Top 10 Oils:
Oregano - provides a super immune boost. If you are on the verge of a bad cold, try a super immune roller blend of; Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lemon, On Guard and Oregano topped with Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) in a 10ml roller bottle. Note: Oregano should only be used daily for short amounts of time (ie. 5 days max.). Also great in your cooking - just 1 or 2 drops is enough!
Tea Tree - great for teenage skin, mix up a roller topped with FCO in a 10ml roller bottle to use as a spot/acne deterrent. Add to your immune roller. Add to your DIY Kitchen Spray - mix up in a 250ml Amber Glass Spray Bottle 10 drops each of; Tea Tree, On Guard & Lemon and top with cooled boiled water. Use as a kitchen bench spray as a natural and safe alternative to chemical cleaners.
On Guard - amazing for immune support & cleaning. Pop a drop in a shot glass of water as a quick mouth rinse for a sore throat. Add to your DIY Cleaning Sprays, Immune Boosting Everyday Roller Blend - On Guard, Frankincense, Tea Tree & Lemon, and roll the bottoms of feet each morning for an immune boost. Or diffuser these 4 oils for immune boosting everyone at home.
Frankincense - the 'King' of oils. Frankincense is great for daily support and just about everything. Mix up a headache roller blend of; Frankincense, Lavender & Peppermint and roll your temples and back of neck for headache relief. Diffuser Frankincense and Lavender at night for sleep support.
Lemon - for a quick freshen up of your kitchen, pop a drop on a hot damp cloth and wipe over all your kitchen surfaces for a clean and fresh smelling kitchen. Pop a drop on the inside of a toilet roll to add a fresh smell to your toilet area. Make a cup of Lemon tea with just one drop. 
Lavender - is great for sleep support. Create your own sleep spray or roller blend with Frankincense & Lavender. Or create a Room & Linen Spray with Lavender & Wild Orange. Lavender is also great for bites, cuts and itches - create a roller blend of 10 drops of Lavender topped with FCO to use on bruises, cuts, scrapes and itches and roll a quick swipe over for fasting healing and to reduce the itch.
Peppermint - create your own Peppermint tea with just one drop. Melt down some plain or dark chocolate and add a drop or two before setting in your chosen moulds to create your own treats. Make Peppermint bliss balls or slice with just a drop or two. Also great as a mid-afternoon pick me up - just one drop in the palms of your hands, rub and inhale deeply to clear and wake up the senses.
Easy Air - is perfect for the current season. Diffuse to keep those sniffles at bay. Perfect for the snorer in the house - mix up a roller blend topped with FCO and roll carefully across the bridge of the nose and rub in and also on the right big toe at night - this technique seems to work for many people.
DigestZen - Make up a roller bottle topped with FCO and roll clockwise around your belly to easy any sort of tummy discomfort - indigestion, upset tummy's, constipation, etc... You can also pop a drop in a shot glass and drink it to ease an upset tummy.
Ice Blue - Mix up a roller bottle topped with FCO and roll tied and achy muscles to ease any muscle discomfort. Also great for neck tension. For increase intensity, add Frankincense to the roller blend too.


Let's Makeover your Medicine Cabinet and Re-think those cleaning products for starters! Think natural solutions for your health, your wellness and for cleaning around your home and the amazing benefits you and your family will gain by investing in your health and wellness.
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