Work With Us

We welcome new members from anywhere in the World and have a Global Team. We can support you via online classes and oil education, and should you choose to build a Doterra business we can support you via our global Business Builders Facebook Group where we offer weekly Zoom calls and support. We will also post you resources and more on an ongoing basis to help you launch your business, and as you grow your own tribe. If you would like more information on this, please get in touch.


Join us in October as a Wellness Advocate for some amazing bonuses for you and your new team members you enrol!

Enrol yourself this month with our Tribe with a minimum 100pv enrolment kit or bundle. Then place a 100pv Loyalty Rewards Order in November to get a free 30ml Yarrow|POM essential oil from Doterra valued at $140 (AU & NZ).


Is Doterra for you?

Are you passionate, committed and ready to build your own Doterra business?

Are you committed to supporting others through their Doterra journey?

Are you interested in building your own Doterra team and rising through the ranks of Doterra to benefit your physical and financial freedom?

Get started with a Wholesale Account

By signing up with a Doterra wholesale account you can receive;

  • A generous savings of 25-55% off your own orders
  • Free shipping on your orders each month
  • Free products each month as part of the Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Access to some amazing support, resources, education and experiences

Our Team

We are a family of the most passionate, dedicated and educated men and women, mums and dads, people who can offer you an amazing journey with Doterra.

Our upline includes Diamond leader Kira Fischer and Presidential Diamonds Paul & Vanessa Ovens & Mikalena Knight.

As part of our team you have access to some pretty amazing business training opportunities, Facebook support groups, weekly business zoom calls with up-line & cross-line leaders and online training opportunities including oil camp.

Why become a Wellness Advocate and not just a Wholesale Customer?

As a Wellness Advocate you can access some amazing business opportunities and events each year as well as;

  • Save 25% off retail prices on your own orders
  • Receive between 10 - 30% of your orders back in product credits to use towards future orders
  • Access to our our team chat groups and oily community events
  • Access to ongoing support for you and your team to help you create your own passionate and committed Doterra team of oil lovers

So how much can I really earn as a Wellness Advocate?

Here is a quick guide to potential earnings with Doterra. The timeframe that it takes for you to achieve each rank will come down to you and your commitment to building your team. 

As a rough guide the timeframe to achieve each rank and potential earnings would be;

  • Executive - approx. 3 months / approx. average monthly income $200.
  • Elite - approx. 6 months / approx. average monthly income $365
  • Premier - approx. 9 months / approx. average monthly income $939
  • Silver - approx. 12-14 months / approx. average monthly income $2296
  • Gold - approx. 13-16 months / approx. average monthly income $4875
  • Platinum - approx. 24 months / approx. average monthly income $9413
  • Diamond - approx. 36 months / approx. average monthly income $16,813